A First Look at Didi’s New English App Interface

A First Look at Didi’s New English App Interface

After first announcing on May 8 that Didi Dache would be releasing a new English language version of their app, expat users without the Chinese know-how got excited at the prospect of conveniently navigating Beijing like everyone else. Now it seems like the majority of users have access to the new interface, so what’s new and how do you use it?

You may have already received this message notifying you that the English interface is now available. Note that you’ll need to have the latest version of Didi to access the new interface but that you might not yet be authorized access

First, some notes on the new version:

Street names and the whole map now are now in English.

The top tab only shows car options (express, taxi, or premier) no bike/Ofo, or bus.

Searching for an English-name address? When you fast-type your destination, chances are that the search bar will not show any results. Try to use keywords first if you see no options. (If you have a Chinese address or name, then it still works, and will pull up a pinyin or English translation.)

For pick-ups, there are no changes in the interface; it still shows the name of the driver, the car’s number and color, and options like cancel request.

In the Customer Service menu, you’ll see a list of your recent trips and FAQs. When browsing the options (like payment options, “Why was my ride paid twice”), you’ll see an explanation without any prompt to contact a customer service representative (just only thumbs up/down button).

Payment options and details are also in English, like for an international credit card, but second party payments, like WeChat, will link to the app already installed on your own phone.

So there you have it, Didi’s new English interface looks both friendlier and easier to use, especially among those Mandarin-stunted among us. Please note that everyone should have access to the English version of Didi by June, so if you have yet to receive a notification, hold in just a little longer.


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