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How to get huge discounts while ordering food on

How to get huge discounts while ordering food on

Recently there have been a lot of on-demand service such as didi, waimai, ofo, meituan and many others which have made life in China so much easier. One of them is which ensures that you are never hungry whether you are binge watching game of thrones, working for a startup or your Chinese level is terrible and cant read restaurant menus.

Eleme is obviously the leader in food ordering, not based on any industry numbers which I dont want to bore you with but from my experience. Waimai comes close although I have never used it. is only in Chinese but with HSK level 1 and good old pleco and this guide will assist you to easily order a steaming bowl of stinky tofu (or chicken feet). is available on both appstores though its better to get invited by someone who is already using  it for both of you to get discounts.

Setting up

After downloading the app, you will be prompted to enter your phone number to register. Use the number that is on all the time or risk some one enjoying your stinky tofu. After you can scroll down , to your favorite restaurant or pick any that is closest to you, the closer the lesser will be the delivery fee. ele.meuses your current location and only shows you the restaurants that are close you. You can later add the regular payment methods(alipay and wechat). also has a minimum order amount that can be delivered, usually at around 20¥ without discounts. In the screenshots below the minimum orders are 50¥, 20¥, 0¥ respectively.

Chose restaurant, choseyour meal, pay on

Address automatically finds your exact location ands rarely failsto give the correct address unless you live deep into the hutongs. Always enter the first and second address that you see and later edit the specific details on the next screen . You can enter multiple addresses such as work 公司, home 家, school 学校 etc. automatically recognizes when you change the location and will prompt you to enter a new address if you have not saved any at your current location.

Discounts (who doesnt love them?)

Due to the vicious competition(similar to didi and uber) between , baidu waimai, meituan waimaithere are numerous discounts which will significantly reduce the cost of your order. These discounts are

  1. Restaurant discounts: These are the most common. There are two types
    a. Dicounts on certain meals : To see this you have to go to the specific restaurant page i.e this is labelled as 优惠 on the restaurant’s page. On the main restaurant lists you can see them listen as 活动 or activity.
    b. Discounts on orders(减): Depends on how much you order ie. if you order 30¥ of food you get 15¥ off. It does not include the  delivery fee. Its usually labelled as 满30减15.
    c. Restaurants have other dicsounts and gifts (赠) such as free cola, salad , fruits or jiaozi. These are usually under the order discounts
    (the examples below show this clearly)
    NOTE: Meal discounts do not apply in order discounts and vice versa.
    Meals from different restaurants are calculated separately.
    1. monthly hongbao
    2. First order discounts
    3. Daily discounts
    4. Free delivery
    5. After-order discounts: These popup once you have paid for your order. More due to     chance than completing specific tasks.
    6. Free mobile data of upto 500mb per month. every order gives you 10mb of mobile data. discounts


    This is where you can check all your account details from all the orders, hongbao , account details, address, payment methods etc.

    check all your ele.meprofiles details.


    Delicious,  well packed, clean. ensures that only quality restaurants list on its app as the food usually exceeds my expectation every time I have ordered except the pizzas… which have always been terrible.

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    YiyaHanyu is a new innovative Chinese learning app that focuseson high quality 4k quality chinese learning videos and smart subtitles . The apps are available on both appstores.



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