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About Us

Liaoning Life is the first expats events and lifestyle website, Its created for expats who live and work in the northeastern province of Liaoning. Its a platform to connect and share experiences and have fun with fellow expats and foreign students who reside in any of the cities of Liaoning including  Shenyang,  Dalian,  Anshan,  Fushun,  Benxi,  Dandong,  Jinzhou,  Yingkou,  Fuxin,  Liaoyang,  Panjin,  Tieling,  Chaoyang,  Huludao.

Liaoning Life readers are mostly located in major cities like Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, Liaoyang, Fushun, Dandong, Jinzhou and Yingkou. However expats who live in other cities and who are interested in the learning about events, lifestyle, and activities in Liaoning province are welcome to join our website.