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Foreigners In China Are using WeChat more frequantly than Chinese Most Active WeChat users

A WeChat report shows expats use the service more than the most active local users. The statistics were released in the form of a brief infographic comparing usage of the app by foreigners in China versus classic users. Expats (在华外国用户 zài huá wàiguó yònghù), according to the report, refers to users with a non-Chinese interface […]

A First Look at Didi’s New English App Interface

After first announcing on May 8 that Didi Dache would be releasing a new English language version of their app, expat users without the Chinese know-how got excited at the prospect of conveniently navigating Beijing like everyone else. Now it seems like the majority of users have access to the new interface, so what’s new and […]

2017 Burger Cup Draws 20,000 Visitors Over 2 Days; Don’t Forget to Vote for Your Favorite

Last weekend, May 20 and May 21, Chaoyangmen saw approximately 20,000 flock to Galaxy Soho all in the name of the Beijinger 2017 Burger Cup. Despite the hot temperatures, people stuck around throughout the weekend for live music, a big burger eating contest, tunes by some of the city’s best DJs, activities for the kids, and, of course, unlimited […]